The ‘Free Coffee Challenge’ Is Catching On

Last month, we decided to release our 4 Weeks To Unstoppable Confidence for free on YouTube

The 28 daily challenges get more difficult as the course continues, yet we believe those who follow along from the start will find the bravery and self-belief to conquer even the most intimidating challenges.

Once again, that’s proving to be the case!

On Day 21, we ask students to enter a cafe and yell to ask if anyone inside would like to buy them a coffee.

If the cafe is initially stunned into silence, we encourage them to push it further using humour and cheekiness.

If you’re wondering what that might look like, check the video below.

After making this video available for free, we’ve had a few fearless alpha-males send us their own versions of the challenge.

I was particularly impressed with this attempt from the heroic Alejandro Pericas.

Alejandro has been coached by Ciaran for a while, but it still takes nerves of steel in the moment to pull this off.

Ciaran will be uploading a compilation of the other attempts to his YouTube channel.

Click here to catch the remainder of the 4 Weeks To Unstoppable Confidence course.

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