5 Creative Ways To Land Your Dream Job

If it’s your dream job, there’s probably a ton of other losers who want it too.

In most cases, it won’t be enough to fire out your CV and hope your achievements stand out.

No, no, no.

If you’re the star man who will go above and beyond for the cause, it’s your job to SHOW the employer this.

Here are five examples of absolute champions who did just that.

1. Adam Pacitti (bought a billboard advertising employadam.com)

Pacitti made national news when he spent £500 on a billboard advertising employadam.com, a website containing his video CV. Employers were impressed and he was hired by WhatCulture a few weeks later.

2. Alec Brownstein (bought Google ads for the name’s of potential employers)

Perhaps banking on the narcissistic tendencies of humans, Brownstein bought Google ads for the names of creative directors he wanted to hire him.
One of these directors was Ian Reichenthal, who was working at Young and Rubicam. Mr Reichenthal followed the link, called Brownstein, set up an interview and hired him. The ad cost just 15 cents.

3. Page Kemna - (the “Hire Me” song)

Frustrated at the lack of responses to her job hunt, Kemna wrote and performed a song about what a great employee she’d be. The video quickly went viral on LinkedIn, attracting the attention of several employers. She’s now employed in a creative role at Zoom Video Communications.

4. Gan Nie Gei (creative CV)

I imagine artistic CVs are par for the course among graphic designers, and will probably count against you if you’re applying for super-serious roles in law or medicine. Still, this piece of art from Gan Nie Gei caught my eye.

5. Joe Elvin - (video cover letter)

As alluded to in the introduction of this article, employers don’t just hire based on credentials.

They want to know if the applicant has the right personality to fit the company culture. They want evidence of the work ethic and creative mindset needed to launch the company to new heights.

A video application helps to show off your personality, creative streak and desire to stand out. It also helps to summarise your strengths in a clear and succinct way.

The video above (and this article) was made to impress Scott and Alyssa Barlow at happentoyourcareer.com. Their website has helped tens of thousands of job-seekers in the hunt for their dream role. If you’re looking to take control of your life and career happiness, discover how they can help.

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