How To Destroy Fear By Killing Your Ego

In Episode 12 of What Are Your Afraid Of? podcast, we discuss how the ego is the force behind most of your fears.

Strap yourself in as we talk about what the ego is, how it stops us achieving all the tings we want in life and how to destroy your ego for good.

Other topics include:

  • whether or not you need an ego to be successful;
  • what ego death is and whether it’s useful;
  • how Ciaran’s ego tried to stop him from approaching girls during his ‘100 Women in 50 Days’ challenge;
  • why getting emotionally invested in what girls think of you will hurt you in the long run;
  • how to avoid having your entire life driven by egoism;
  • why people who start YouTube channels and businesses usually quit;
  • why plain-looking girls make nasty judgments about hot girls.

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