Steve Jobs: The Anti-Hero Of The 21st Century?

Steve Jobs is a hero in the eyes of many.

Many ambitious entrepreneurs will shamelessly state they want to be him.

In this episode of the Psychology Of Entrepreneurship podcast, One Last Talk founder Philip McKernan asks: why?

On the surface, the answer seems obvious. Jobs was one of the most successful entrepreneurs to have ever walked the earth. With that success came all the riches and prestige that anyone could ever hope for.

Yet, it’s well-known that his social life was a complete mess. He formed destructive personal relationships. He was widely regarded as an asshole. To put it simply, he struggled to connect with others.

That begs the question: was Steve Jobs actually happy?

And would you be happy in a similar situation? What use is success, fame and fortune if you’re depressed?

McKernan argues that more of us are on our way to becoming Steve Jobs — in an emotional sense anyway.

Since 1985, the number of U.S citizens with no close friends has tripled. Some 15% of the adult population will experience depression in their lifetime. Yet, interestingly, there is a 0% depression rate in adolescents who eat with their families at least once a week. That suggests human connection is a key factor to avoiding depression.

Yet, what moment in history is arguably most responsible for the recent dip in human connection?

The invention of the iPhone.

Instead of making smalltalk with the people around us, we now stare like zombies into our smartphones.

Instead of being present and enjoying treasured memories with friends, we’re answering notifications and taking photos.

Instead of confiding in others about our troubles, we post about our perfect lives on social media.

The device that was supposed to make us more connected is destroying human connection as we once knew it!

Could this have been Jobs’ motive all along? It’s an incredibly far-fetched theory, but he was an incredibly intelligent man…

If so, it’s the biggest anti-hero move the modern world has witnessed.

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