The 11 Commandments of Magical Online Copy

Crappy copy loses you money.

Your customers have a shorter attention span than ever.

If your words don’t blow their socks off, you’ll lose them. They’ll be off to watch some cat video, and you’ll wonder why you waste time writing blogs.

However, once you learn how to craft magical copy, making money online becomes a piece of cake.

You’ll feel like the cat that got the cream.

Follow these 11 commandments to keep your customers hooked all the way to the checkout.

1. Be A Purple Cat

Catch their attention immediately by saying or doing something different.

2. Trigger Emotions

Aim to melt your audience’s heart. Have them cry tears of joy, scream in shock, thump their desk in rage or laugh milk out their nose. Without triggering intense emotions, they’ll forget your article within seconds.

3. Remember Your Audience Owes You Nothing

Wow your attention-shy audience with a your title, introduction, next line and so on. Never take your foot off the gas. The purpose of sentence should be to keep them reading. Otherwise it’s fluff.

4. Explain What’s In It For Them

Explain why your audience needs to read the article. What will they learn and how will it change their life? Do this as early as possible.

5. Solve Problems

Explore the pain of a specific problem, then explain how you’re going to solve it.

6. Write In Second Person

Your readers only care about themselves. Address them directly.

7. Focus On Benefits, Not Features

People don’t care about the ingredients in their kitty litter. They care about the cost and how their kitchen smells! Remember, “what’s in it for them?”

8. Know Your Audience

Write about topics your audience love in a style they’ll appreciate. This might turn other demographics off, but they never would have bought from you anyway.

9. Make Outrageous Promises, Then Back Them Up

“How To Keep Your Kitten Healthy” doesn’t grab attention.

“11 Surprising Methods To Help Your Kitten Live Longer” does. Back up your promises though, or you’ll lose trust.

10. Optimise for SEO

Your words can’t impact people if the people can’t find them. SEO is an important tool to help that happen.

11. Craft An Purr-suasive Inspiring Call-To-Action

You must have ONE call-to-action. The instructions must be clear. The benefits must appear unmissable. For bonus points, create fear of missing out. A time-limited offer, for instance.

12. Overdeliver

The standard of online content is rising all the time. To stand out from the crowd, overdeliver. (That’s why you get 12 commandments instead of 11 😉 )

I’m currently writing irresistible copy for clients in the health and fitness, lifestyle and finance industries, but the odds are I’ve written for businesses in your field!

If you’re looking for magical copy at reasonable rates, check out my LinkedIn profile and shoot me a private message. 

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