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We live in a world of dwindling attention spans. Attracting and keeping a reader’s interest has never been more difficult.

If your online copy is even close to second-rate, it’ll be IGNORED.

Luckily, I’m here to help.

I’m Joe Elvin, a freelance writer who specialises in creating spectacular online content for the millennial audience.

I’m a NCTJ-qualified journalist with more than six years’ experience as an online writer.

My expert knowledge of SEO, blogging, email marketing and social media marketing makes me the perfect choice to write for your website.

I know how to write:

  • eye-catching titles that attract clicks from all sources
  • search-engine friendly copy that keeps readers hooked
  • compelling calls-to-action that drive traffic to your products and services

My expertise

I specialise in writing content for millennials, focusing specifically on dating, relationships and self-development.

My portfolio includes articles for AskMen, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, The Good Men Project, YourTango, Dumb Little Man – Tips For Life.

I’ve self-published two books: ‘The London Bucket List’ and ‘The Thrill Of The Chase’.

Other topics covered include sports, personal finance and travel. Get in touch to see if i can write about your niche.

How I can help you

Proof-reading and editing

In a perfect world, your customers would be open-minded enough to see past your spelling and grammar errors.

Sadly, these often leave irrepairable damage to your reputation among readers who might have otherwise bought from you. I’ll ensure your copy is error-free and flows beautifully.

Audio/video transcriptions

I can translate your audio or video content into a unique article that attracts a new audience.

Original articles

I specialise in writing online copy that is attention-grabbing, entertaining, and compels readers to take action.

This could be in the form of a guest post for your blog, or an article that promotes your business on a third-party website. I can also provide ghost-writing services, based on your brief.

Get in touch

If you commission me, you’ll get an enthusiastic, experienced journalist who knows how to excite an audience.

Get in contact and let’s make some beautiful content.