5 HUGE Reasons To Use Revolut

Revolut is my #1 most recommended app for anyone who regularly travels overseas.

Have you heard of it?

It’s a prepaid debit card (virtual or physical), which charges no extra fees when used overseas. That includes ATM withdrawals, although there’s a monthly cap on that.

Here’s what I love about Revolut:

  • Use it overseas and pay no extra fees
  • Transfer money in any currency to another Revolut user for no extra fees
  • You can invest in stocks, precious metals or cryptocurrency with the click of a button using the Revolut app.
  • If a payment gets blocked overseas for ‘security reasons’, you can press one button on the app to clear it, instead of having to call your bank.
  • You can open an account using the app, and it’s FREE.

Anyway, Revolut launched a fat referral bonus recently, so if you’re going to sign up, please use this link!


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