Do We Write Because We Are Lonely?

Do writers write because they are lonely?

The latest video from The School Of Life suggests this is the case.

I see what they’re saying…

It’s the same for YouTubers, comedians, Facebook over-sharers, maybe even musicians.

Everyone wants to be heard, but no-one wants to listen.

I’m not sure ‘loneliness’ is the right word for it though.

You can be surrounded by friends, and still not feel comfortable sharing your feelings out loud.

Many people feel it’s rude to boast about successes, or demoralising to talk about their problems, even when it’s all they want to do.

The best way to make someone instantly like you is to let them talk about themselves.

Anyway, regardless of their motives, I’m thankful for my favourite authors.

There are many life-changing books out there, and thousands more yet to be written.

By writing them, talented authors can leave their legacy on the world and make a ton of money while doing so.

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