You Are Not Boring

There is no such thing as a boring person. Period.

Provided you’re a human being, I bet you have plenty of activities that excite you. I’d also wager you have dozens of pet peeves that annoy you — and thousands of experiences that have shaped your personality over the years. These are the quirks that make you unique and interesting. We all have them.

However, we often choose to be boring by keeping these quirks to ourselves. It’s common to hide the most unique parts of our personality because we prefer to “fit in”. We often refrain from speaking about our passions because we think others will find it weird or boring.

Yet, this self-filtration is the most boring thing you can do.

On the other hand, when you express yourself with enthusiasm and excitement, it captures people’s imagination.

When you talk about your true passions, people begin to feel passionately about you. 

This is often true, regardless of the content that comes out your mouth.

Enthusiasm is infectious! In fact, enthusiasm is all that’s needed to not be boring.


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How to not be boring on dates

When we’re out meeting potential romantic partners, it’s common to put a filter on our personality.

Men like to pretend to be suave, sensible and sophisticated like James Bond. Women tend to become prim and proper like Princess Diana.

We play it safe, so the other people aren’t immediately put off by us. It’s a useful strategy to make people think we’re sort of OK.

But, in the dating world, “sort of OK” doesn’t make the butterflies flutter.

In fact, “sort of OK” is sort of boring.

We are all exciting people, but we don’t always choose to show our exciting side.

Instead, we filter ourselves — and it’s potentially costing us the perfect romance.

The best way to transform from “sort of OK” to “sensational” is to take the handbrakes off your personality.

Sure, some of your dates will hate you for it, but others will absolutely love you. Surely this is the sort of person you want as a life partner?

If you’re in this dating game hunting a long-term partner, be aware they’re going to discover your true personality at some point.

So you might as well show it from the get-go.

I can’t guarantee it’ll go perfectly, but I can promise they won’t find you boring 😉

I recently published a book about the year I spent filming my dating life for national TV. The cringey chat-up lines. The painful rejections. The dirty truth about modern dating. You can download the first chapter of ‘The Camera Lies’ here.

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